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Mending and Maintenance

We carry out our work in Switzerland, throughout Europe, as indeed the whole world, repairing, servicing, maintaining and putting the following types of equipment into service:

  •   Range of machines TORNOS ENC74, ENC75, ENC164, ENC167, ENC262, ENC264
  •   Range of machines TORNOS DECO7, DECO10, DECO13, DECO 13 BI, DECO20, DECO26
  •   Range of machines TORNOS MICRO8
  •   Range of machines TORNOS MULTIDECO 20/6 (b), MULTIDECO 20/8 (b), MULTIDECO 26/6, MULTIDECO 32/6
  •   Robobar bar feeders as well as other options such as chip conveyors, high pressure units, etc.

We carry out personalised maintenance of your equipment upon request and at fixed prices, including all expenses (hours of work, travel and replacement parts). We can also carry out maintenance outside of your production hours or on Saturdays to reduce down-time as much as possible – it’s up to you. After maintenance is complete, we will give you a checklist to help you monitor your portfolio of machines – a complete equipment file at your disposal. We can additionally provide you with maintenance protocol in line with ISO standards.